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About MathDL

MathDL is an NSDL Pathway Project created and maintained by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). It is a combination and extension of the previous MathDL, a collection within NSDL, and the earlier MAA Pathway Project, Math Gateway. It combines many features of the earlier two projects. These features include: Loci. An online MAA publication that continues three earlier online publications: The Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications, Digital Classroom Resources, and Convergence. MAA Writing Awards. A site that provides short biographical sketches of winners of the MAA writing awards and pdf links to the award-winning articles. Math in the News. A daily feature summarizing a contemporary online article with a mathematical slant. This Day in Math. Mathematical events that occured on this date in history. Search over materials available from the MathDL Partners. Course Communities in Undergraduate Mathematics is a new collection focused on resources for particular courses. So far materials have been recommended for one-variable calculus, multivariable calculus, and an introductory course in differential equations. MAA Reviews and Classroom Capsules and Notes, previously available through MathDL, are now available through MAA Online. These features are restricted to MAA members or to subscribers.

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